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“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength."


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At Howick we provide high quality Physical Education sessions through specially trained sports coaches who teach the curriculum alongside the class teachers.  We want our pupils to become physically confident in all areas and maintain a good standard of physical fitness.  In Early years and Key Stage 1 our Physical Education Curriculum provides our children with a broad range of opportunities to develop their agility, balance and coordination.  In Key Stage 2 pupils will be taught how to develop and use these skills in different sports and games.  We want our pupils to be involved in competitive games (football, tennis, cricket, hockey, netball and athletics) and we ensure there are plenty of opportunities for the children to represent our school in local schools cluster events.


We also aim to develop our school values, in particular resilience and perseverance.  We do this by participating in the daily mile and encouraging our pupils to improve on their previous times.  In PE sessions we teach our pupils to compare and improve upon their performances in order to achieve their personal best.

Tennis Coach

We have employed Joe Bates, tennis coach to teach Class 1 and 2.  They hare developed lots of news skills and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dance Competition

We have had another fantastic year at the South Ribble Dance competition. The children worked with Mrs Morris to choreograph a dance based on the Olympics and performed with skill and enthusiasm. 

Dance Competition

 Well done to our children in Class 3 who took part in the schools dance competition.  The children worked with Mrs Morris to choreograph their dance based on the theme of helping our environment.  They spent lots of time rehearsing and even made their own t-shirts for the performance.

One of our parents emailed to say how impressed he was;

Just a quick email to say a massive thank you for all the hard work and effort that obviously went into the fantastic dance routine put on by the Howick kids at the dance competition this evening. It was an incredibly well choreographed dance with the kids and I know for certain that they have really enjoyed learning it and being part of the group. I thought they handled the occasion extremely well and the crowd was far bigger than I'd expected, so for them to come out and perform the way they did is a wonderful reflection on you and your abilities of working with them to get the best out of them.

Well done everyone - we are really proud of you!

Paralympic Festival

in the Spring Term, all the children in school took part in a Paralympic Festival day.  It was such a great opportunity for the children to not only learn a new sport, but also to see how different games and sports can be adapted so that everyone can participate.  The children were introduced to three Paralympic sports: boccia, kurling and goal ball.


Well done to our Class 3 Dodgeball team who took part in the local competition.  They all showed our Howick values and had a fantastic time, coming an amazing third! 

Netball Club

We try to run as many after school clubs as possible, including things such as sports, drama and cookery.  Here our Class 4 children are enjoying their netball sessions.  

Sports Day 2022

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the children at our Sports Day.  The children did extremely well in all the events: sprint, obstacle course, egg and spoon, javelin, long jump and tug of war.  A huge congratulations to this years house winners, Millbrook and well done to the children who were awarded a values award for showing our values of resilience, team work and commitment.


Well done to all the children who represented school in the Netball League held at All Hallows High School, you did yourselves and the school proud.  Congratulations to our developmental team who finished in first position in their league.

KS1 Multi-Skills

Four children in KS1 competed in the South Ribble Multi-Skills Event held at Penwortham Priory Academy.  What a great experience for the children!  The events included speed bounce, chest push, standing long jump and underarm throwing, and they all had opportunities to improve on the previous times and reach their personal best.

South Ribble Girls' Football Competition

We are extremely proud of our girls’ football team.  Children from Years 3-6 represented our school at the recent South Ribble event held at Penwortham Priory Academy.  We played 6 matches; winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 1, finishing 2nd overall.  #letgirlsplay

Girls Football

Here are some photographs of the Girls Football Club we have been running, which coincides with the FAs initiative to get more girls involved in football #letgirlsplay 


At Howick we believe in equal opportunities for everyone and we are really passionate about making sure our children are active and develop new interests and skills.  We are also participating in a girls football competition with local schools in the coming weeks.

Commonwealth Games 2022

On 16th March Howick took part in the 2022 Commonwealth Games Baton relay.  We received the baton from children at Ashbridge Primary School and passed it on to St Teresa's.

KS1 Scavenger Hunt

 Some children in Class 2 were given the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt enrichment morning with other primary schools in our cluster.  The children had a great time at Mere Sand Wood developing skills of resilience and perseverance when locating things in the woodland area.  One of the highlights of the morning session was finding a newt.

Tennis Day

During the Spring Term, all children have taken part in a Tennis Day delivered by a local tennis coach.  Our aim was to develop and build upon a skill related to tennis and also to encourage children to take part in specific clubs outside school.  Later on this term, we are going to continue to practise the new skills we have learnt and improve upon our personal best.

Lancashire Active Mile Week

To celebrate Lancashire Day on the 27th November 2021, the children at Howick took part in a Mile of physical activity between the 22nd-28th November 2021.  The children had a lot of fun completing the mile in a fun and unusual way e.g. hopping, skipping or walking backwards.

Athletics (Year 5 and 6) (Year 3 and 4)

Well done to all our Key Stage 2 children who represented our school in the athletics competitions held at Hutton Grammar School.  You were all fantastic.  The Year 5 and 6 team finished in second place and the Year 3 and 4 team finished in third.


 Our Class 4 children have really enjoyed this course, improving their cycling skills and learning how to ride safely on the road.  


Well done to the girls in Year 5 and 6 who represented us at the TaRDIS tennis event.  We had lots of fun learning new skills.




Our Year 5 and 6 children really enjoyed taking part in the league with local schools.  They were true ambassadors of our Howick Values and had an excellent attitude throughout. Well done everyone!

Quidditch Day

To celebrate Howick Book Week, all the classes in school have been looking at Magical/Fantasy themed texts.  In one of our PE sessions, we also played quidditch, which is a game played by the witches and wizards in Harry Potter.  The children had a fantastic day!  First thing in the morning, they were sorted into the house teams by the sorting hat and then they won points for their house team throughout the school day.  Every class also participated in a quidditch session where they were awarded more points for their team.  At the end of the day we announced the winners... Well done Hufflepuff!!


Well done to the children in Class 4 who completed the Bikeability Program this year.  At Howick we believe it is important to learn life skills such as this so that we are able to ride our bikes safely and to improve our confidence.

Virtual Sports Events

In the Autumn term, schools were unable to participate in competitive sporting events at other school.  Instead, all the children at Howick have participated in some virtual sporting competitions.  These include athletics, gymnastics, football and orienteering.  We think it is important for our children to aim high and have the desire to improve ourselves which is why we decide to involve our children.  The children also had great fun and worked really hard.

Sports Premium Funding

The following chart explains how we have use our Sports Premium Money this year.  This year we have increased the confidence, knowledge and skills of staff by giving our teachers the opportunity to work alongside specialist coaches.  Our staff now have an excellent understanding of how to deliver effective sport and PE sessions. to increase the amount of time children in our school spend on physical activity each day our children are completing the daily mile in the afternoons and we are looking into investing in a running track to improve this experience for our current and future pupils.


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Curriculum Overviews

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Football Team

The Year 5/6 Football Team won the Small School's Football League in the first half of the Autumn Term and therefore made it through to the South Ribble Finals.  In the Finals, Howick finished in third place and have made it through to a competition run by Preston North End which will take place in the new year.  We are immensely proud of all the children who represented Howick at these events and would like to thank the parents for helping with training sessions and in supporting school.