Howick Church of England Primary School

“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength."

School Council

School Council Representatives

Well done to all the children that took part in the speeches to become a member of our school council.  We have now elected the members of the School Council Members

Christian Aid Week (Week Beginning 15th May 2023)

The school council have been learning about life in Malawi and the effect climate change is having on people's ability to grow enough crops so that everybody has enough to eat.  The children have learnt about a woman called Esther who has grown pigeon peas and turned them into flour so she can make bread.  The children then decided to make their own pigeon pea bread and share it with the rest of the school during our assembly.

School Council Meeting - Autumn 1 2022

Our values this half term are Creativity and Friendship.  The school council have though of ways to promote friendship in our school.  They wanted to focus on different times of the day, including playtimes and lunch time, in the classrooms and at after school club.  Here are the school council's ideas which will be shared by the class representatives in classes:


Promoting Friendship

  • Creating Friendship Buddies in order to build up new relationships and ensure children have someone to play with and talk to.
  • Friendship craft activities such as 'friendship chains' for children to make at break times.
  • Lunch time games organised and run by Year 6 children for all classes.
  • Update the Jack Rae playground so that children have greater opportunities and more equipment to play together outside.
  • Unwanted toy exchange or sale.
  • Friendship meal where all children sit together.  KS2 children sit with and serve the EYFS and KS1 children.  Food and drink to be decided in classes.

Friendship Assembly

This term we have been focusing on the values of friendship and creativity.  The school council met several times to discuss how we can promote these values in our school and came up with some great ideas.  Firstly, they organised and delivered a whole school assembly focusing on friendship and explained the ways we can be a good friend to others in our school.  During the week beginning the 4th October 2021, the school council will be selling Friendship Bands to help remind others about the importance of this value.  All the proceeds will go towards something that will benefit all of the children in school and the school council will ask their classmates what they would like it to be used for.  Finally, on Thursday 7th October we will all be getting together to enjoy a special friendship meal.  The menu on this day will consist of things that the children have chosen.  Please look below at the pictures of our children living out our values.

We have elected our school council representatives.  To link in with our British Values, every class in school has discussed what being part of a democracy means and how we all have power to make changes.


Well done to our Student Council for leading their second Collective Worship of the year.  We look forward to taking part in the shoe box appeal, giving hope to others during the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

Well done to our Student Council and all the Howick community for filling 38 shoe boxes!  These will spread hope as they get delivered by International Aid to those less fortunate than ourselves.


Afternoon Tea

Well done to our Student Council for organising our afternoon tea of thanks.  They invited our governors, volunteers and PTFA in as a way of spreading hope and thankfulness.