Howick Church Endowed Primary School

“Small School... Great expectations”

Collective Worship


Our school community recognises and values worship as being central to our school.  

We are proud of how our pupils talk openly and enthusiastically about worship and the impact that it has on their lives.

Our daily worship, both whole school and in classes, offers everyone the opportunity to pray and reflect in a creative and engaging way with lots of opportunities to encounter the teachings of Jesus and explore the relevance of his teachings in today's world.    This daily invitational offer gives everyone the chance to join in whilst also allowing the freedom for those of other faiths and none to be present with integrity.  

Autumn 1 2020-2021.

Welcome words

We light our candles in the name of:

God the Father who created all things,

God the Son who showed us his love for all things and

God the Holy Spirit who fills us with the goodness of our world

 Worship overview - Autumn 1st half 2020.pdfDownload
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Autumn 2 2020-2021

Welcome words

Let us light our candles as we share the Good News of 

God the Father who shared his son,

God the Son who shared his goodness,

God the Holy Spirit who fills us with hope for our future,

 Worship overview - Autumn 2nd Half 2020 Hope for our Future - A king is born!.pdfDownload
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Welcome words

We light three candles in the name of:

God the Father whose promises are true,

God the Son who trusted his

Father’s promises and

God the Holy Spirit who gives us the faith to trust God today

 Worship overview - In God we Trust Spring 1 2021.pdfDownload
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Our value for this half term is Thankfulness

Welcome words

We come together in the name of:

God the Father who gives us all things to enjoy,

God the Son who loves the world and all the people in it,

and God the Holy Spirit who fills us with love and helps us to be thankful.

 Worship overview - Summer 2 2021 Thankfulness.docDownload
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