Howick Church of England Primary School

“I can do all this through Him who gives me strength."

Class 3 - Year 3 and 4

Mrs Brown is the class teacher and she is supported by our teaching assistant, Mrs Overland.

In Class 3 we work hard to create a calm and positive environment where everyone can achieve their very best. The children will become confident, resilient learners who thrive on challenging themselves in all areas of the curriculum. They will meet a wide range of topics that are carefully designed to excite and engage them in their learning. 


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Well done to Class 3 for a fantastic trip to Galloways.  We have learnt about sight loss and way to look after our eyes.  


We have been experiencing different ways to pray in Class 3 and have made some new additions to our classroom as a result of our RE learning.  We had several prayer stations around the room for us to visit and experience, these included; quiet reflection, a bottle of tears to share our worries or sadness, planting a poppy to remember someone special, a drawing station and finally a prayer wall.  A clear favourite was the prayer wall which is based upon the wailing wall in Jerusalem where people write their prayers onto small pieces of paper and push them into to cracks in the wall. 

We are continuing to use our prayer wall and bottle of tears and are excited to try other ways of praying. We are excited to start using our prayer tree in the new year.

Sound investigation

As part of our sound topic, Class 3 made their own cup telephones to investigate how sound travels.  We had some fantastic discussions about how sound travels faster through a solid and a liquid or a gas.  We have enjoyed learning about sound and have explored pitch and volume using a range of musical instruments.


Well done to our dodgeball team who were fantastic during the recent competition.  They all showed our Howick values, had lots of fun and came an amazing third!

Outdoor maths

Year 4 took their learning outdoors this week and created number lines on the playground.  They have worked hard to master calculating missing numbers on number lines to 10 000 and were excited to make their own challenges for their friends to complete.  

Howick Historians

We received an exciting delivery in Class 3 today, asking for our help to analyse the recent findings from a new archaeological dig site in Ribchester!  The children were shocked to discover that we had been selected to dissect poo samples to try and identify which period of history the dig site dated back to.  We were all up for the challenge and carefully dissected the samples and researched the diets of people living in different periods of history. After much discussion, we concluded that it was from the Roman times and we are excited to continue our learning about the Romans!

Find your happy!

 We loved reading Emily Coxhead's 'Find your happy!' and decided we wanted to spread our positivity throughout our school.  We made postcards of positivity filled with messages to give others hope and happiness.


We are scientists!

Class 3 were tasked with investigating the melting points of chocolate as part of our states of matter topic this week. We discussed how to make it a fair test and wrote some fantastic predictions. Lots of discussions took place about what we would do differently next time and also trying to understand why the chocolates had different melting points!


We have been learning about the water cycle in Class 3 this half term and have made our very own water cycle in a bag.  By monitoring these daily, the children have been able to fully explore and understand the different stages of the cycle.  

Learning from experts is important at Howick, therefore we invited United Utilities into our class to help us understand more about water usage, waste water and the water cycle.  We all enjoyed the workshop and have been learning the water cycle song!


As part of our PSHE topic on Citizenship, Class 3 have been thinking about what it means to vote and how decisions are made in the local area . We role played being residents and councillors to try and decide what our priorities would be. We learnt how difficult it is to keep everyone in the community happy! 

Tennis lesson

Class 3 were full of energy and enthusiasm during their tennis session this week! We had the chance to practise lots of new racket skills ready for our next PE topic.

World Book Day

What a fanatic day we had celebrating World Book Day. Everyone looked amazing in their costumes! We enjoyed our writing workshop with an author as well as lots of opportunities to read our favourite books with a hot chocolate. The highlight of our day was inviting Class 1 to join us with their books so we could all share a story.

Exploring the meaning of trust

Our RE topic for this half term has led us to explore what is meant by trust and betrayal. We had a discussion to share our initial thoughts before having a go at some trust exercises. The trust fall really helped us to identify the barriers to trust and we then looked at examples of trust in the Easter story.

Science challenge

As part of our animals including humans topic, Class 3 accepted the challenge to create a life sized skeleton using resources they could find in the classroom. They did a fantastic job of drawing, building and labelling the skeletons. Lots of great teamwork and communication too - well done everyone! 

Judges Lodgings Lancaster

Class 3 were transported back to the Victorian era during our trip to Judges Lodgings and had the opportunity to live life as a servant, attend a Victorian school, as well as visiting a servant’s cottage and playing some Victorian children’s games. We all had an amazing day and we were impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and engagement!


Lancashire Day - active mile

To celebrate Lancashire Day on the 27th November, we completed an active mile with a twist! Class 3 were twirling, skipping, lunging, hopping and side-stepping their way round our track to complete their mile.

Georgia O'Keefe 

Throughout our art topic we have been focussing on Georgia O'Keefe.  We enjoyed looking at some of her most famous paintings and exploring what we liked about them.  I have been so impressed by the creativity and attention to detail displayed by everyone.  We began by experimenting with different sketching techniques before moving on to creating different effects with paint.  Our final piece, which linked with Remembrance Day, was making and painting clay poppies.

Maths World Cup 2021

Well done to everyone in Class 3 for taking part in the Maths World Cup competition. We embarked on a deep sea adventure led by Captain Brown and the Class 3 crew mates did not disappoint! Amazing energy throughout - combining times tables practise and keeping fit and all with massive smiles.


Class 3 have learnt lots about Diwali, including the story of Rama and Sita, how it is the festival of light and what some of our friends are doing to celebrate this special time.  We made and decorated our own lanterns to display in our classroom. 


Breaking down barriers workshop

We had a fantastic day learning about different faiths and cultures.  We had the opportunity to ask lots of questions as well as celebrate our differences.  We had so much fun learning some new dances too!


Black History Month

We have enjoyed learning about Ruby Bridges.  We talked about her story, it’s significance, how she would have felt and her legacy., linking this to our school values.  Our writing shows how we have been inspired by her life.

Coding Week in Class 3

We have had a great week in Class 3 learning how to create programs to make objects move, make sound and draw on the screen.  We used the 2Code program on Purple Mash to program different sprites.  We then tested our code and debugged any errors.  Here are some examples of our work

Leon and the place between 

Class 3 were invited to a very special magic show this week hosted by Magician Brown! 

After receiving their ticket, they entered the magical tent through a sea of brightly coloured streamers before being seated with popcorn ready for the show to begin!

We had so much fun starting our new Literacy topic with lots of book talk and making predictions.  

We cannot wait to share our new story together and begin our writing. 

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