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Class 2 - Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2

Mr Hunt is the Teacher in Class 2 and Mrs Turner is the Teaching Assistant.  We hope you are having a great Summer break and we are looking forward to welcoming you back.



PE Sessions

Our PE sessions this term are on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  We ask that children come to school dressed in their PE kit (black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms, red t-shirt, trainers and a plain hoodie or jumper) on these days so that they do not need to get changed.  Children will be able to stay in their PE kit for the duration of the school day therefore no change of clothes is required in school.  We also ask that every child brings a bag with a pair of named school pumps in at the start of term and leave these in school at all times.


Please have a look through the Curriculum Information for the term below to see what we will be teaching.

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Friendship Week

The theme for Friendship Week this year is 'One Kind Word'.  Mrs Maloney introduced the theme for the week in assembly.  In class we worked with a partner to create rainbow clouds.  First we wrote our partners name in the middle of the cloud and then thought of different words that best described their qualities.

Henri Rousseau

Class 2 have been studying the French artist, Henri Rousseau.  The children have looked at some of his landscape painting of jungle scenes and evaluated them.  The children were able to identify objects that were in the foreground, middle ground and background of his paintings.  To produce his artwork, Henri Rousseau sketched house plants and unusual looking plants in parks in Paris; he never actually visited the jungle.  The children thought it would be a good idea to sketch some plants in and around our school.  They will then be using these ideas to create a jungle scene of their own.

Remembrance Day

During Remembrance Week, Year 2 looked at some painting of poppies created with water colours.  They then experimented with different shades of red, orange and yellow and drew and painted their own poppies.

Diwali Celebrations

Following on from from Class 2's Hindu Workshop, we celebrated Diwali by learning all about the 'Festival of Lights'.  The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita, made their own Diva Lamps and created Rangoli patterns.

Black History Month

This month is Black History Month.  In Class 2 we have been looking at the life of Martin Luther King.  We found out that when Martin Luther King was growing up people who had different skin colour could not go to the same schools and they could not sit together on public transport.  The children were shocked and said this was very unfair.  We then worked with a partner to make these lovely equality cards.  The children had to put a handprint on each others card in a different colour to show that we are all different but that we still need to respect and look after each other.  Afterwards, we wrote our own dreams inside the cards.

National Coding Week in Class 2

In class 2 we have been learning all about Traditional Tales so we decided to help The Big Bad Wolf find his way to the Three Little Pig's houses.  All the children learn how to input instructions into a beebot and they had a go at writing these instructions down.  They then tested their instructions and made changes to the code that wasn't correct.  Well done Class 2 on your resilience and perseverance during Coding Week!

Mental health Awareness Week

This year's theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is nature.  In school we have discussed the Mental health benefits of spending time outside and accessing the natural environment.  The children have enjoyed creating artwork using natural materials such as leaves and sticks and they also had a go at a team building activity called 'Nightline' where they had to help each other through a maze in our infant play area by talking and listening to each other.

Money Containers

In Design technology the children have designed and made money containers.  They had lots of fun practising different types of stitching, including running stitch and over stitch.  Then they made their own containers using felt and afterwards they tested them out by putting money inside and evaluated them.

Design Technology - Tudor House

we have all made model Tudor houses from junk materials.  The children improved their cutting skills and used different ways to fix materials together.  They also improved the strength and stability of their models by covering them with paper mache.


This week we have learnt about the Hindu Celebration of Diwali.  We learn so from the stories we listened to and from members of our class who will be celebrating Diwali.  We really enjoyed making our own diva lamps, creating our own Rangoli pattern and writing a poem about Diwali.

The Great Fire Of London Enrichment Afternoon 

Virtual Football Event 14/10/20

The Great Fire of London

During our 'Fire! Fire!' topic we have learnt about the Great Fire of London in 1666.  The children have read many information books and know lots of facts about the event and later in the term we are going to be creating our own information texts about the Great Fire.  One of the highlights so far has been recreating the fire using paper houses to show how quickly the fire spread due to the wind and the fact that the houses had been built so close together.

In Science we have been learning about the properties of different materials.  The children really enjoyed setting up an experiment investigating the best materials for creating an umbrella for their pet.  We tested each material to see if it was waterproof by putting a measure amount of water on top of each one and then observed if the water was able to pass through or not.


The children have been working really hard during Computing lessons.  They have used their computing skills to create an information poster.  

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